Billy Cloud Cash Register is a complete POS (Point of Sale) solution, simple to use with advanced functionalities customized for every business. It is based on cloud technology (technology that enables saving data not only to a local device, but also to a cloud, which means that it can be accessed at any time, from different devices and from any geographic location) and the data remains saved in case of failure or loss of the device.

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Billy Cloud Cash Register consists of three parts:
• Client POS device (several types of devices are available: Billy Maxi, Billy The POS, Billy Mobile…). Devices from our offer are ergonomic and comfortable to use, based on ‘all-in-one’ concept (devices with integrated printer and communication modules).
• Management system (central server solution which records all transactions in real time). Server drives and controls entire POS devices farm which can be dynamically changed if needed, and securely stores all data, including issued receipts, making them available all the time (24/7). In case of hardware failure each POS device can be quickly and easily reconstructed from the cloud with all its data. Customers’ data can be exported in secure way to different ERPs and accounting programmes.
• Cash Register program developed and adapted for operation on different types of POS devices. Our program packages meet wide rande of business needs of small and medium merchants, starting from very simple and efficient to advanced. But also offer additional functionalities such as integrated card payment, loyalty schemes, prepaid programmes, ticketing etc..
Billy Cloud Cash Register enables clients to use different types of devices in different retail outlets, depending on their needs, and to manage them all from one central point.

We offer our users a complete solution based on the “turnkey” system without huge investments. The offer includes rent, maintenance and equipment repair on site with guaranteed replacement device, as well as customer support from our contact centre. Beside rent, we offer other options such as purchising the device with a guaranteed repair service or arranging the use of our applicative packages on Android devices which customers have bought separately.

This solution gained great market success in the Republic of Croatia and Slovenia with more than 10,000 loyal and satisfied customers. Billy Cloud Cash Register complies with all the laws and regulations of respective markets.

Quality guarantee

Cash register - Quality guarantee

Reward for the best POS solution at Cartes Paris 2013


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