Billy Mobile2

With a big battery and 4G internet option, print taxed invoices wherever you are.

Billy Easy

Print taxed invoices with this handy device in the field.

Billy Desk

With a large 15.6″ touch screen, you will feel as if you’re looking at a laptop.

All in one device

All in one device – cash register, POS printer, and fiscalization. All you have to do is connect it to the internet. If you don’t already have internet connection, you can select Billy internet option.

Countertop or portable

The register will be placed on a counter or be portable? No worries – we have countertop and portable cash registers. You can also combine them, whatever suits you.

Thorough field support

We have 10 local offices just in Croatia from which we travel to you (including the islands) for installation, training, and maintenance. Don’t worry, we’ll sort everything out.

Do business carefree

All transactions are automatically saved on Billy’s servers. If the register is damaged or you misplace it, this way you can quickly resume work from a new one.

Guaranteed support

We are here to help. Our support is happy to answer the phone and knows fiscalization throughout. In addition, you can help via email.

Grade: A+

We passed the exam in the real world with an A+, more than 10,000 satisfied customers benefit from Billy fiscal cash registers and fiscal Billy solutions.


Our satisfied customers

Billy Easy proved to be very good and met our expectations. The device is highly reliable and easy to use, and so are the applications both on the device and on the web.


Mozaik knjiga

A leading publishing house in Croatia

We use Billy register in our factory store, and at trade shows around Croatia. We especially like flexible monthly rent, additional registers for fair price for events such as Špancirfest, Porcijunkul, campaign "Buy Croatian" etc.
Hrvatski Kišobran

Developers of domestic and innovative umbrella

I use Billy Easy device and like its convenience and ease. Whoever uses a smartphone will master working on Billy cash register in a single day.


Adriatic Infinity

Providers of luxury trips across the Adriatic


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